Gamifying the Classroom - Innovative Ways to Engage Pupils

In this tutorial Jez will be talking about the practical uses of free software, he will be introducing us to Google docs. Jez believes that dozens of new creative ways to implement technology in the classroom are already available for teachers. The customizable classroom management system, Google docs has helped teachers easily manage their gamified classrooms, allowing teachers, students, and parents to track student achievements, encourage student participation through educational adventures and games, and set up academic goals for individual students.


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Meet the instructor

With a background in software development, Jez' IT skills have helped him create an innovative and exciting approach to deliver creative and fun lessons for all ages and abilities. He is the head of Computer Science at an independent school in the south of England, delivering the GCSE Computer Science syllabus as well as BTEC ITQ levels 1 and 2. In addition to this he is also responsible for training teachers in the implementation of technology in their classrooms, allowing his colleagues to get the most out of the technology to maximise their results.

Lesson Plan

Learning aims

By the end of this tutorial you will gain an understanding on how to use the principles of gamification to assess and motivate students in the class. How to use the features found in free software to the best effect such as Google Docs and how to inspire your students to work together to achieve goals by encouraging a better classroom cohesion.

Learning outcomes

Jez will supply you with some ideas on how to apply Google docs in the classroom to help students engage more.


Live Tutorials

Watch Jez's tutorial live for the opportunity to get involved. Can't join? All out tutorials are recorded and available to watch at anytime.


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View and download presentations, interactive quizzes and additional digital sources linked to the tutorial.


Direct Feedback

Jez will be available for any questions you may have during the live tutorial and will provide instant feedback to all participants.